Our Services

For over a decade, Vitullo Photography & Video Production has specialized in the art of still photography and video production of weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, reunions, and special occasions.

We provide a team of artists who will capture your event from a traditional and photojournalistic perspective with a European flair.  While using advanced technology, our goal is to capture the uniqueness of the couple and their special event by blending spontaneous artistry with natural sensitivity and romance.  Our clients have experienced the same style of images as seen in our photo gallery as well as our special services gallery.

Plus, Vitullo Photography & Video Production is there with you every step of the way.  While other studios may display work done by an artist you'll never meet, Vitullo proudly ensures that they will be the same artists who will meet with you, follow you through your rehearsal, capture your special event, and follow up with you afterwards.

We offer a variety of photography and video packages to accommodate just about everyone.  Contact us anytime to request an appointment.

Oh, and did we mention... Si parla Italiano!